There are solutions for people and business facing financial strain. Whether its corporate insolvency or personal bankruptcy you should seek help early as this will maximise your chances of achieving the best result.

Part X and other schemes of arrangement can allow you to compromise with your creditors and avoid bankruptcy. If you have been served with a bankruptcy notice you should contact us immediately.

Corporate insolvency can be avoided through deed of company arrangement. It is important that you appoint the right administrator who will take on the role for a reasonable fee and work diligently to effect the survival of the company.

If you are considering a company administration or have been served with:

  • A winding up notice
  • A creditors statutory demand for payment of debt
  • A notice from the ATO

Then contact us immediately

Bankruptcy and Insolvency are complex areas of law and information provided on a website such as this can only provide an introduction to some aspect of the law. If you have any queries regaringa bankruptcy or insolvency matter please contact us

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