Spinks Eagle Lawyers is a city based law firm providing services in most areas of commercial law, litigation, property law and finance.

Our focus is on providing cost effective legal solutions for individuals and small to medium size business.

Our lawyers have an excellent track record in representing clients is small and large scale litigation. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

"Having lent several million dollars to an organisation that went into liquidation we needed an aggressive and well thought out strategy to recover our monies. After a hard fought battle in the Supreme Court that lasted 22 months we managed to recover our money and our costs. The best part was that it was handled without having to engage a barrister and I had a direct line of communication with Barry Spinks who ran the case and took responsibility to all the decisions"

--->CEO Finance company


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"A corporate collapse and a disgruntled investor left me on the wrong side a million dollar lawsuit. The matter was dragging on for several years accumulating legal costs and going nowhere until Barry Spinks took over conduct of the case. After a 10 day trial the entire claim was dismissed and cost were awarded in my favour"

--->Director Human Services Company

We also undertake leasing, property conveyancing , drafting contracts, debt recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency, Building and construction disputes and the drafting of building contracts

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